OCR Portal


Enhance gate operating system capabilities with the smart-Tecs OCR Portal solution, and reduce truck processing times with automatic camera detection and imaging.

Automatic Character Recognition

HD GigE or Line Scan Cameras capture images of incoming and outgoing trucks as they pull through; with no need for trucks to stop, truck flow increases and congestion in the terminal is reduced. With Optical Character Recognition technology, data is automatically extracted and captured, reducing truck processing times.

Modular and Configurable

This modular system allows for configuring any number of cameras and image processing functions for your specific terminal requirements:

  • Remote damage inspection
  • Empty inspection
  • WIM integration
  • Container ISO
  • Hazardous 
Increase Accuracy and Efficiency

Automatic data collection also reduces the need for manual entry and errors associated with user inputs. Information is accessed through an intuitive web-based application for reporting, damage inspection, and immediate exception handling for easy on-site or remote processing.

See It In Action

Schedule a demo today to learn more and see how the smart-Tecs OCR Portal can increase truck throughput.