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Gate Automation Systems for Marine Terminals


Our solutions help automate and optimize gate operations to move shipping containers in and out of your terminal with greater speed and efficiency.

Gate Operating System

Manage gate processes and enable automation with the smart-Tecs GOS.

OCR Portal

Increase throughput with automatic camera imaging to improve truck processing operations.

Community Access Portal

Maximize cargo flow and visibility with our port community appointment management system.


Our solutions are the premier platform for present and future technologies, with proven, robust, reliable, and expandable systems.


Our extensive experience includes over 20 years in developing, customizing and deploying gate operating systems.

Full Service

We deliver a one vendor solution. Your GOS, OCR Portals, reporting, and everything your terminal needs is delivered by us.

Innovation and Automation

Are you ready to take your Gate System to the next level?

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Why Choose Us?

We’re committed to delivering outstanding managed services and innovative solutions for all our clients. Our clients are our partners, providing perspectives that help develop and refine our solutions for an always evolving industry. 

99.99% Uptime

Our dedicated support team is available 24x7. Through preventative maintenance, issue review and training, they keep systems running, and downtime at a minimum.

Tailored Solutions

From implementing green field systems to converting legacy systems with existing infrastructures, we’ve done it all. With extensive industry expertise, we can help optimize your gate operations with solutions tailored for your terminal.

Personalized Support

The same project team is with you every step of the way from start to finish, providing personalized support and seamless project continuity.

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