Community Access Portal

Cargo Flow

Increase cargo visibility with this appointment system and engage the entire transportation community with the smart-Tecs Community Access Portal.

Online Community Portal

Optimize your cargo flow with the smart-Tecs Community Access Portal solution (CAP). Interfacing with your transportation management system, BCOs, shipping lines and trucking companies, this desktop and mobile platform provides pre-advise and appointment options to help plan cargo movement and increase the efficiency of your terminal operations. Fully automated and configurable, our CAP system manages appointments and provides real-time updates, predictive appointment availability and notification alerts.

Engage Your Transportation Community

The Community Access Portal includes a mobile application and is easily accessible via browser for truckers, dispatchers and management. CAP also prides itself in reducing calls and inquiries to the terminal by offering configurable static information that is easily presentable to its users within the community.

Complement with RFID

For further gate efficiencies, pair CAP with our RFID technology to quickly identify trucks and their information as they arrive at your terminal.

See It In Action

Schedule a demo today to learn more and see how the smart-Tecs Community Access Portal can help your terminal maximize cargo flow.