Operating System

& Optimize

Automate your gate processes and optimize truck throughput with the smart-Tecs Gate Operating System. Our GOS moves containers in and out of your terminal with greater speed and efficiency.

Complete Gate Solution

Centralize your terminal gate processes with our leading edge GOS solution to enable automation and increase efficiency. Available as a standalone system, or integrated with any TOS system, our GOS can be custom built or retrofitted for your specific terminal needs. This end-to-end system includes customizable gate kiosks and a standard set of devices for data collection and driver instruction. A configurable user interface and streamlined user experience provide terminals with real time data visibility through dashboards and reporting.

24/7 Support

The smart-Tecs GOS is consistently and proactively upgraded for efficiency and security. It has a recorded 99.99% uptime rate measured during working hours, eliminating lost working hours, improving productivity, and increasing gate capacity. Our live support team is also available 24/7. Our GOS is solely supported by always on-call smart-Tecs support staff, so feel confident and assured that our team is knowledgeable about your specific solution to keep your terminal operations running, and downtime to a minimum.

Elevate Your GOS

Our GOS is the strongest foundation for all supplementary gate technologies. Elevate your gate system with additional features and solutions such as RFID, OCR, LPR or WIMs to help your terminal make data driven decisions and optimize operations.

See It In Action

Schedule a demo today to learn more and see how the smart-Tecs GOS can help automate and optimize your gate operations.