With Dockworks general cargo TOS, you’ll find the optimal balance between manpower, equipment, and facility utilization to efficiently control the movement and storage of your cargo.

General Cargo TOS

Dockworks is a fully functional TOS for all types of cargo operations and facilities, including containers, bulk, breakbulk, and vehicles.

Dockworks Features:

  • Scan and track your cargo from any location with mobile devices
  • Handle all forms of EDI to and from your customers; 24/7 support to ensure these transactions never fail
  • Track upcoming operations with a fully configurable Vessel Schedule
  • Real-time performance data and progress reporting
  • Subscription-based pricing
  • Training and rollout support from a professional services team
Solve Common Operational Issues for General Cargo

Improve operational efficiency:

  • Easily locate cargo in the warehouse and reduce double handling of cargo
  • Send and receive EDI to and from trading partners 
  • Easily manage inventory and cargo count as you load and unload
  • Record damages immediately at the point of receipt
  • Decrease manual data entry and errors
Full Service Solution Suite

Enhance and customize your Dockworks TOS with modules that provide additional functionality and automation:

  • EDI interface for internal and external systems
  • Core inventory control module
  • Billing – invoicing system with integrations to accounting packages
  • Mobile Device – live updates to the core application from anywhere
  •  iDockworks – web-based customer portal
  • Ship Logs – capture ship logs and production through a web or windows interface
  • Subscriptions/Notifications – customer email alerts and reports
  • Batch Handhelds – for vessel operations run separately from Dockworks
  • Asset Query – inventory tracking for miscellaneous gear and equipment
  • Work Order – facilitate invoicing work orders
See It In Action

Schedule a demo today to learn more and see how Dockworks can help manage operations more efficiently.