RFID Integration

Auto In
& Out Gates

Enhance your smart-Tecs Gate and OCR systems with RFID to instantly identify and capture information for auto in and out gate transactions.

Instant Data Capture

The smart-Tecs RFID solution provides instant identification and data capture from multiple tags, enabling automation for in and out gate transactions. Hardware is provided leading OEM identification solutions provider, TagMaster North America, and is designed to withstand the most demanding environments while providing unparalleled accuracy, range, and performance. LR-series microwave frequency RFID readers and 2.45GHz long range RFID technology offers highly defined directional reads, providing critical OCR and WIM data matching to kiosk lanes. This ensures immediate hands-free access and tracking without truck drivers having to interact with the system.

Automated Gate Transactions

Increase your gate efficiencies even further by combining our RFID system with our Community Access Portal (pre-advise appointment system) for automated in gate transactions.

See It In Action

Schedule a demo today to learn more and see how smart-Tecs’ RFID Integration can help automate in and out gate transactions.

RFID Tags for Trucks

If a marine terminal your company services is using the smart-Tecs RFID system, you will be able to purchase RFID tags for your trucks here. These tags will provide your trucks with entry into the respective marine terminal and reduce check in and check out processing times.