Building Solutions
and Partnerships

We don't just build solutions, we build partnerships

October 28, 2021

Our clients are the reason why we pursue leading-edge technologies in our product roadmap. We partner and collaborate with our clients to provide them strategic solutions for shared success. This is why we don’t just build gateways; we build partnerships.

This was recently demonstrated with Yusen Terminals LLC (YTI), who operate their marine container terminal in the Port of Los Angeles. They offer best-in-class service to the shipping and transportation industry, and we’re proud to continue partnering with them in delivering modern technology for their terminal.

Looking to replace their gate technology, YTI put out an RFP for a new gate system provider. Their current gate operating system was antiquated, out date, and could no longer be supported by their IT department. This posed an increased risk for downtime, which would disrupt mission critical terminal operations. Operationally, YTI was also looking for a new flexible system that would provide increased efficiencies and throughput. Throughout their RFP process, YTI wasn’t just looking for a provider, they were looking for a partner. One who would provide a viable solution, a flexible implementation plan, and fit with YTI’s culture.

Smart-Tecs responded with a competitive bid, meeting YTI’s extensive list of requirements with proven technology and a flexible implementation plan. We were also familiar with YTI and the nuances of west coast terminals, having already successfully implemented OCR portals at their terminal. This solution increased their out-gate OCR success rate and was implemented with minimal impact to operations. During the RFP process, instead of a sales team with a handoff to the deployment team, our project team met with YTI and our alignment in company culture would seal the deal.

We’re proud to be YTI’s new gate solution provider and are excited to continue partnering with them beyond gate technology, expanding their virtual footprint and adding efficiencies to what they already offer.